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The CEO Career Twist Workshop

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Join 30,000 + Mid-Career Professionals Who Have Fast Tracked 15 Years of Their Career Growth in 5 Years by Mastering the Highly Successful Habits of CEOs


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COO, Lifewheel

“Within 3 months of practising these CEO habits, I got promoted to the COO role and  I am making twice as much”

Are You Going Through A Mid-Career Crisis?

Are you feeling a lack of growth, development & opportunities in your career?

Do you feel unfulfilled in your profession or job?

Are you constantly comparing yourself with your peers for promotion & hike?

Are you apathetic towards your work and often disinterested in achieving greater results?

Do you often downplay your skills, knowledge & competence?

Are you constantly lacking energy and feeling emotionally exhausted?

If all of this sounds “oh, so familiar,” chances are you’re going through a mid-career crisis.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

More than 95% of working professionals don’t have a clue about the problems they come across during mid-career crisis. They always blame themselves for the career issues and tend to take it personally.

Believe it or not, the Mid-Career Crisis is REAL.

Career Stagnation in the middle years of your career can have a severe impact on your physical and mental health.

It results in stress, anxiety, sleeplessness & health issues like gaining weight, hypertension, pain in joints etc.

It can easily destroy your confidence and lead to poor performance.

It doesn’t have to be your story…

You can skip this painful experience if you 

Develop Healthy Habits & Save Physical and Mental Energy by following my Think & Act Like A CEO System.

Apply this Amazing Framework in Your Work & Life to Fast Track Your Career in the Next 30 Days than You Would in a Year

Senior Researcher

Techniques taught in the Bootcamp resulted in an increase in my productivity and I am now able to handle situations with a sense of calmness.

Finance Director

Vikram's CATS Bootcamp was an eye-opener in many ways and Vikram's teaching techniques have been very simple, practical, and touching.

At the Vikram Sir's CATS Bootcamp, I learned to be more focused and result-oriented. Vikram Sir's approach is very unique for self-development.

When Your Professional Life Takes A CEO Twist…

Regular schooling won’t teach you how to adapt to the challenges in your career or rise to the opportunities in life. 

My 5-Hour CEO Twist can help you initiate lifesaving habits that can stabilise you mentally as well as physically and help you accelerate your career journey for a highly fulfilled life.

So that you can advance in your career forward & rise to the top level leadership roles like a “Hero’ who overcomes the obstacles in the second half of a movie .

Boost your physical and mental energies which have amazing potential to help you achieve your career goals.

Get rid of your comfort zones based on our past experiences, and achieve better results.

Get the fast-action framework that you can easily follow, without friction or confusion.

Learn to accomplish every little thing in your to-do list in the most effective manner leaving plenty of surplus time for self and family.

Experience a breakthrough in career, 10x Productivity, work-life balance, and happiness in life without wasting time anymore

Learn How to Go From ‘Employee’ to ‘Successful Leader’ in 5 Days

Without spending another late night at office

Without getting overloaded by work

Without letting stress & anxiety spoil your peace of mind

Without struggling to balance work & life and confused about the next step

Without worrying about health issues triggered by stress & overwork…

Get What You Want In Your Professional Life

Here’s What You’ll Discover in 5 Days

Day 1

Learn the secrets of career success to fast track your career with my RAFT system

Day 2

Learn the powerful Habits of CEOs & Top Management professionals and get my most effective productivity tools that can save one hour every day

Day 3

Get my Powerful system used by CEOs to manage your feelings & handle negative emotions

Day 4

How to create a habit of Conscious Continuous Learning to supercharge your Career success

Day 5

Learn my scientific technique to think and influence like a CEO to fuel your professional growth to 10X in the next 30 days.

Why You Need To Join my 5-Hour CEO Twist Workshop?


Get promotions to managerial positions in record time

Get the career breakthrough or salary hike you wanted

Find time to pursue projects that you have been dreaming about

Get confidence to take leadership roles in any project that you undertake

Create sustainable success with ease

Considerable improvements in relationships because of developing a positive mindset


Become immune to stress in the long-term

Sleep better and wake up fully rested

Your health and immunity will improve as a result of lowered stress levels

Overcome depression and sadness due to uncertainty, overwhelm

Become unshakeable in the face of adversity

Develop a mindset of hope and positivity

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A Little About Your Career Coach

Vikram Duggal is an internationally certified Leadership facilitator and a coach with over 35 years of professional experience.

He is the author of Amazon Best-Seller 'Irresistible Workplaces'.

He has influenced the lives of over 30,000 working professionals across sectors and at different levels of hierarchy.

He uses a variety of Advanced Learning Methodologies to engage his participants. He asks Provocative Questions to make them think. He helps them to develop clarity about their careers and lives.

Now he is on a MISSION to “Influence 1,00,000 working professionals to live up to their potential and lead highly fulfilling and purpose-oriented lives.”

Vikram Duggal

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